solar installation on a house

There has been a lengthy discussion about the usefulness of solar panel system installation in residential places, and how this system reduces electricity expenses. But I didn’t take much attention until one of my neighbours got solar panels installed on his roof by Euro Solar. Installation of solar panels is not that common in the present, and the cost is one of the major points of the debate whenever solar systems are discussed. So, installation of these solar panels intrigued my interest towards the possible uses of the solar system, and I dug in to know more about this technology. My neighbours really helped me out to take me out of my confusion and explained several benefits and specifications of solar electric power systems.

Environment-Friendly Solar Technology

For a start, solar power technology is a step ahead in right direction, as far as the environmental conditions are concerned. It’s critical for all of us to make a handful use of renewable, environment-friendly energy sources rather than using traditional methods to gain electricity (such coal power, fossil fuels, etc.). It has been read that installation of a single solar panel unit can reduce approximately 178 tonnes of CO in 30 years. This might seem a trifle, yet it is an enormous contribution for a healthy tomorrow. Tonnes of waste is created through traditional methods of electricity generation, such as coal and oil. So if everyone takes a step ahead in using renewable energy resources, a huge difference can be made. Excessive release of carbon and sulphur gases are devastating for our environment, and are a real contributor to global warming, severe climate change, and deterioration of ozone layer. So, Installation of Solar panels is a surety of,

  • Clean Air, water and soil
  • Reduced emission of greenhouse gases
  • Lesser accumulation of hazardous waste and no piling up of radioactive waste
  • No air pollution (No harmful gases emission like Nitrogen or sulphur oxide)

Low Maintenance Charges and Reduced Electricity Bills

Whenever there is a talk about solar system technology, its cost expense was one of the major and most thoroughly discussed points. Once you’ve installed right kind of solar system as per your preferences, it won’t have any maintenance issues for a longer period. When I heard and read about the total cost its installation, that sounds expensive to me. But I’ve learnt through my neighbour’s experience that it proves to be a pretty sound investment. Initial expenses on solar panels are steep but it a total value back deal. And you’ll see a significant difference in electricity expenditure in the long run. And most importantly electricity bills may fluctuate, but you’ll get solar energy for free.

Easy Installation on Rooftop

roof installation

Installation of solar panels has become easy especially for residential and small business purposes. No complicated setup or weird long wired equipment is required. Depending upon your home requirements and electricity expenditures of your local utility power grid, you can choose power voltage of your solar panels. Solar system work as a modular technology, it means that you can install as many or few solar panels. You buy a set of solar panels that convert sun’s radiant heat energy into electrical current. These solar panels are an arrangement of solar modules, made from thousands of solar cells. So depending upon the voltage power of these solar modules, different types of PV solar panels are available. These solar panels don’t require any extra space, as they’ll occupy a small portion of your roof. I was relieved with the ease of installation, as I didn’t want any new construction in my house.

High Property Value

Perks of having a solar panel system installed on your roof go far ahead than just electricity charges reduction. Solar panels come with the guarantee of more than 25 years of lifetime. I was awe-struck when I researched about the difference in the retail value of any property before and after the installation of solar panels. Installation of a solar system approximately increases the amount to more than $20000 on a property of $50000. And this value is way higher than what you pay for installation of solar panels for residential purposes. So, reduction of the electricity bill is an apparent reason, but solar panels also assure you a 100% money back guarantee, if you want to sell your place.

Long Lasting Heat Energy Resource

solar panels

Generation of electrical energy through the solar system is totally a mirror image of traditional methods to generate electricity. Good environmental conditions, fewer electricity charges, ling term investment, are some of those. Other than that, coal resources are present in different regions of the world, while taking a critical look its socioeconomic norms of the modern day, it seems incredibly impossible to resolve an issue between two countries. So handling coal resources might become a reason to uplift anarchy in the society. Nothing of this sort is attached with the use of a solar system. As wherever region or part of the world you live in, we all get to enjoy the same amount of heat energy from the sun. And it is going to be that way for approximately next 5 million years. Fossil fuels or generators may run out, but the sun is not going anywhere soon. Solar cells use a tiny amount of heat energy and make it into the surplus amount of electric current.

Different types of Solar Electrical Power Systems

This is one of the most interesting things I have learnt about solar systems. There are different kinds of solar systems are available in the market, including standalone DC solar system, Grid-tied solar system, off-grid solar system, and grid-tied solar system with battery backup. My neighbour chose grid-tied solar system. It seems economical and by house needs. Here, in our area power outages are rare so a battery backup is unnecessary.

Consistent Availability of Electricity


Installation of solar systems ensures consistent availability of electrical energy. Solar panels provide constant electric supply through charged batteries or grid assistant.

All in all, I’ve learnt about so many different aspects of the solar system and felt a dire need to get one for my place.